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Drive In Racking Is A High Density Storage Solution Ideal For Identical Or Low-Rotation Products
02.07.2018 16:34

Every business owners with warehouses, factories, shops, food, agricultural or construction businesses have a desire to stock up their materials or goods safely. Drive in Racking in a store will not only ensure fulfilling your legal duty to protect the health and safety of those working in it but also bring the right approach to store the products or materials. It also helps in dropping down the pollution level, unnecessary wastage, and other costs.

Drive in Racking or shelving are properly engineered, designed and prepared with best technology and quality Materials. It is proved to be a world-class material handling solution, designed to meet the detailed necessities of superior warehouse system. Drive in racking is also considered to be the most effective investment that can capitalize your existing or new warehouse space and also have the capacity to create more pallet positions within your facility.

Drive-in racking is specifically designed for storage of common products thus accommodates a large number of pallets for each drive in racking to maximizing the available floor space. This drive-in racking system is based on the storage backed by layout planning and design that enables the highest use of available space both in area and height.

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Drive in Racking is used when there are large quantities of the same product type providing up to 90% storage space utilization. The system is usually operated by using the FILO store management system bring a rigorous control over entries and exits. The forklifts can easily  enter into the storage lanes or operating aisle of drive-in racking to deposit and extract pallets leads to saving a great deal of space by eliminating unused operating aisle.

Drive in Racking ultimately makes use the most of your storage areas and allow people and lift trucks that move goods safely. With only one access aisle, the lift trucks can load from both sides of the rack hence is a great for ultra-high density storage solution. Drive-in rack comes in several different configurations to accommodate large volume homogeneous products that have low rotation cycle. No special equipment is required for accessing the products as those are moved by either hand or counterbalance trucks

Materials used in it are treated with automated painting process ensuring suitable protection against wear and corrosion. The degree of resistance it has and best quality control tests make it last four times superior to conventional racks.  When each product are kept in separate lane it can easily segregated inside a large store seems to be ideal for cold storage applications that require maximum use of space for separate products at a controlled temperature.

Ready Rack has many years experience in assisting customers in evaluating the right warehouse systems and its application. Our uniquely engineered and computerized line up will help to produce a suitable or customized storage system that can capitalize your warehouse space that seems to offer great value to your investment. For more information on safe material storage and handling or placing an order please call for assistance at1300 307 229 today!

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