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Drive in Racking- Helping Expand Warehouse Storage
02.07.2018 16:18

What a Drive in Racking is all about?

Drive-in racking is an ideal solution to stock a large volume of goods in warehouses. With the drive-in racking the pallets are placed in such a way that they slide backwards on a rail creating extra space to store goods in a warehouse efficiently. Mostly such systems are used in cold storage and food industries.

What are the various types of Drive-in Racking available?

There are two different types of drive-in racking available one being the single entry racks and the other one is double entry racks. Single entry racks involve racks having forklifts access to only one side whereas the double entry racks involve racks where forklifts can access both the sides of the structure.

No doubt, a drive-in rack has a lot of benefits that makes it ideal for warehouses especially where storage of large volume of goods is concerned. But getting the racks from genuine and reliable manufacturers is also necessary in order to get the best service out of it. Following is the list of some of the well known and reliable drive in rack manufacturers in Australia for your help:



Located in the Shamrock Street, Victoria, Matthews offers a full selection of products and other requirements that are needed to complete a rack project efficiently. The industry experienced representatives at Matthews help you plan your capacity and growth needs.



A Melbourne, Victoria based ReadyRack, offers complete storage solutions including drive-in racking systems that help in creating larger space to store a large amount of goods safely. They supply and install high quality drive in racking for your warehouses.

Absolute Storage Systems Pty Ltd:


Absolute Storage Systems Pty Ltd, based in Dandenong South, Victoria, being one of the leading suppliers of storage systems in Australia helps you maximize the space and efficiency of your warehouses with highest quality of drive-in racking systems.


Drive in Racking is one of the best ways in expanding the storage and efficiency of a warehouse. If you are looking to increase your warehouse storage space then incorporate drive-in racking systems to it.


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